Friday, May 29, 2009

Rainy Days and Lazy Nights

I want to talk about how unbelievably unproductive yet fun my summer has been, the past days.

Time wasters. o.O

I am so bored with my life, and at the same time too lazy to do anything.
The past three days, feeling all lonely, I kept eating and eating. Also, I have seen 5 horror films in two days. It's funny though, that it did not seem to get to me. I think I am overcoming the fear of horror that I have had since this show I joined. It's great actually, having to sleep in my mother's room every time I watch scary movies and/ or talk about them is just ridiculous, now that I look at it.

I don't mind at all, if I haven't been doing anything. The past days, I have been spending with my people. By that I mean, my real friends. Ones I actually grew up with. The people I can spend time with anytime and not have to have plans whatsoever. We can get bored with one another all we want and it's perfectly cool. We can act like idiots, sob, get loud, bitch around and nobody would actually care. No matter how far we may be from each other, even if we get busy and stop hanging out as often, I still love them to bits. Nothing will ever change that.

I am done with the drama and being all emo. I just want to stay happy. Happy in the sense that I am content with everything and I'm fine with the way things are. Not, the bubblegum-unicorns-little-miss-sunshine-i-heart-everything type of happy. I just cannot be that way. It will ruin the whole point of being ANDI. o.O

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